A Brave New World

Opportunities that were previously reserved only for the wealthy can now be crowd-sourced directly by the masses and we too can enjoy the same rewards through these new gateways that the blockchain has enabled. With no oversight and no restrictions based on social standing or location.

Less thank 1% of the world’s population even understands this new space and fewer still are invested in it. Some of the brazen few have seen the light and sold it all in preparation of the wave to come. Some are waiting for mass adoption so they can say “If only we bought earlier hey”. There are grease monkeys and technicians, analysts, brokers and automated bots. All vying for a spot in the sun.

Yes it is true that it’s the wild-west out there and you have to be shrewd with where you store your nuts but choose well and you will see ten times the returns you are getting in conventional services.

Crypto currencies and the blockchain represent the greatest paradigm shift we will experience in our lifetimes. Bigger than the internet, bigger than countries and bigger than banks. Now that the genie is out of the bottle it will never be put back in again.

It’s too early for anyone to call themselves a specialists because this new world requires skills across multiple professions. What does a financial manager understand about decentralised platforms and what does a developer know about compounding interest. This new age will incorporate everything that came before and help us to realise our ideologies.

Join me on this great adventure as we run down each rabbit hole and through the gauntlet with a healthy dose of risk and stars in our eyes.